At CCL Philippines, we wholeheartedly embrace our role in the global mission of improving healthcare and acknowledge our invaluable contribution to the domestic medical ecosystem. Our commitment lies in advancing healthcare solutions that empower individuals and enable families to lead healthier, happier lives.



CCL in the Philippines is not just an organization; it's a community that thrives on diversity and inclusivity. We take pride in being a home to a dedicated group of professionals who come together to make a difference. In our workplace, we celebrate the contributions of our staff, partners, and individuals of all ages, genders, and orientations. At CCL, recognition, value, and rewards are solely based on merit, creating an environment where every voice is heard and every perspective matters.


Our management practice is deliberately designed to promote opportunities for our team to make a meaningful impact. We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength that arises from embracing different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. As we move forward, CCL Philippines is committed to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. We understand that each member, supplier, and partner brings unique talents and contributions to the table, and we are dedicated to harnessing these collective strengths to enhance our capabilities.

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About CCL


Founded more than 50 years ago, we offer a vast range of over 200 products in major therapeutic categories. With a commitment to meet everyday health home and personal care needs of a billion people in developing countries. We are improving the communities we serve through our world-class manufacturing facilities, advanced R & D capabilities with a promise of a sustainable future. Our aspirations know no geographical boundaries, we have traversed these limits to bring health care into 24 countries across South East Asia, South Asia, European Union, Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East & Africa. Our regional offices are in Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Italy, Vietnam, and Kazakhstan just to name a few.

In our pursuit to excellence, we have achieved our place as one of the largest pharmaceutical exporters in the region. The unforgiving competition in the global market motivates us to be better than we were yesterday and help millions around the world. Our Mission of “Enabling Healthy Happy Lives by providing quality healthcare solutions globally” is an integral part of our strategy, that helps to set priorities, allocate resources, and ensure that everyone is collectively working towards common goals and objectives, thus providing a road-map to the future.

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